Customer satisfaction is our company’s growth.
Customer satisfaction level is the result of employees efforts.

Founded by Toshiaki Kobayashi

Kobayashi Washer Works considers “customer satisfaction” its business principle and provides products in various fields for vehicles, light electrical appliances and construction machinery.
Providing products that satisfy the client’s needs is Kobayashi Washer Work’s mission.
Although the trend at the time we started our business was processing products at mills (scrap yards), our company was a step ahead when it started manufacturing products using coil stocks.
Our idea from the start was not to offer a good product but rather to provide a great product that goes beyond expectations.
Since then, we have always renewed our facilities regularly and we have offered a work environment ensuring products are designed according to our customers needs.
The products we make are diversified and are always one step ahead.
We are currently planning to modify and improve our production facilities and are proactive in strengthening production techniques research and quality guarantee systems.
We shall continue providing products our clients are satisfied with and improve our safe management system.
It is Kobayashi Washer Works’ hope to keep working with out clients far into the future.